9 February 2016

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A lover realizes that her ritual with the unattainable man more means, than  the fulfillment of the wish of having him all. She is his mistress. For over ten years Wednesday afternoons belongs to them. Also this Wednesday all seems like always. But today could change their lives.


(Geliebte) Germany / 2009 / 5 min. / Color / Shooting Format HD /Screening Format 35mm

Director Ingo Biermann
Script Birgit Maiwald
Cinematographer Paola Calvo
Editor Ingo Biermann I Paola Calvo
Producer dffb I arte
Sound Wolfgang Kick I Alex Leser
Cast Gabriele Heinz, Eberhard Kirchberg

Festivals and Awards
FBW Prädikat “Besonders Wertvoll”
22. Filmfest Dresden 2010
20. Filmkunstfest Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 2010
63. Internationale Filmfestspiele Cannes 2010
12. Festival of German Films in Madrid 2010
18. Yasujiro Ozu International Short Film Festival 2010
17. Etidua & Anima Film Festival 2010
4. FICMEC Festival Int. du court métrage des écoles de cinema 2010